Is Your web site prepared For AdSense Approval??

This is one in every of the foremost asked queries by bloggers, plenty of individuals don’t understand once their website is prepared and would get accepted by adsense.

There are certain things that may} decide whether or not or not your web site will get accepted by adsense. you simply have to be compelled to raise yourself the subsequent queries and you yourself can come back to understand whether or not or not your website is prepared for adsense.

How recent is your website?

In several countries as well as China and Asian country Google AdSense encompasses a policy, that your web site should be a minimum of half-dozen months previous. this is often practiced by AdSense simply to confirm that you simply have a real web site and you're not indulged in any quite spamming activity. If your web site is half-dozen months previous then you're smart to travel, otherwise you'll need to wait till your website reaches half-dozen months mark.

How distinctive is your content?

According to Google AdSense policies you want to have 100% distinctive content on your web site. distinctive content means you want to write your own posts and not copy it from anyplace else. If you're having distinctive content on your web site then you're smart to travel.]

How many posts does one have on your website?

Some individuals suppose that posts don’t matter however they are doing, as a matter of reality you ought to have a minimum of thirty to thirty five posts on your web site for AdSense to approve your web site. Google AdSense has not set any minimum limit on the amount of posts however you ought to a minimum of have thirty posts on your, i'm saying this based on my past expertise on my previous websites.

How long are your posts?

The length of posts is additionally vital for Google AdSense to approve your web site. The posts of your website ought to contain anyplace between 350 to five hundred words, they'll be longer than that but shouldn't be less than the above limit.

Do you use copyrighted images?

The use of proprietary pictures isn't recommended as AdSense may not approve your web site if you're using copyrighted pictures. you want to build your own pictures, but what if you can’t there's no need to worry. could be a web site that permits you to transfer and distribute pictures for free of charge you'll be able to use those pictures. you'll be able to additionally browse through non proprietary pictures by writing “Google advanced image search” in Google search this may take you to advanced Google image search wherever you'll be able to choose the sector that states “Images available for repeating, modifying and redistributing” and you'll get non proprietary pictures that you simply will redistribute.

Does your web site have a privacy policy, about us, contact us pages?

Having these pages on your website/blog will increase the likelihood of your website/blog to get accepted by Google AdSense. Privacy Policy is must because it declares however your web site would distribute third party product or however your web site would show Google AdSense ads.

Do you have a Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Tools account?

Do you have a Google analytics and Google Webmaster Tools account, if not then create one and find your web site added in these accounts.

Now you may be thinking what good would having these accounts do. Well they'll certainly assist you as these accounts are connected to Google and if you add your web site to those accounts before adding your web site to Google AdSense, then Google would already have any plan what your website is regarding and there's a much better probability that your web site would get accepted for Google AdSense.

After judgement your website primarily based upon the above questions you'll be able to conclude whether or not or not your site is prepared for adsense. If you're thinking that your website is prepared then apply for adsense (How to apply for Google adsense?), if you're thinking that your {site|website|web website} isn't prepared then build some changes to form your site compatible with Google Adsense

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